’m not a religious person, so why should I be a part of CIPAC?


Clearly, most of us are Bible-believing Christians regardless of what church we may attend. Others are Jews, some from other religions and some not particularly religious at all. One of the most important things to understand is that the survival of Israel and the Jewish people is the focus of CIPAC. This is important not just for biblical reasons, although that is key to those of us that are believers, but also because Israel is a true friend and ally of the United States and the only vibrant democracy functioning in the Middle East. Israel is in fact one of our best friends and allies in the entire world. Israel had been with America, both in terms of providing support in wars and conflicts, even in the two wars in Iraq. Also during the Cold War Israel tested our weapons against the Soviet-supplied weapons that their Arab opponents were using. Israel benefits America in more ways than we can describe in a few words. The survival of Israel is as the longshoreman philosopher, Eric Hoffer said more than fifty years ago, “As it goes with Israel so it will go with all of us.” In other words if this small free independent bastion of democracy and liberty in the Middle East could survive, then there was hope for America and other western nations. That gives you some of the reasons why CIPAC is important even if you aren’t religious.

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