Can anyone go to Capitol Hill and lobby?


Yes, indeed! The Constitution, in the First Amendment of what we call the Bill of Rights, affirms not just our rights to freedom of press, assembly and religion, but the freedom to petition our government. You as an American citizen have a constitutional right to go to your representatives, your senators, to the President and to his appointees, such as the Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense and other officials, to urge action based on what you know is good for America. While they are not compelled to take your advice, in our democratic system, if they disregard your counsel they do it at their own peril and may even be voted out of office.

Go to Capitol Hill and lobby! The doors are open! You can make appointments, telephone, email, fax or otherwise contact your member’s offices, either in your home district or home state or in Washington, D.C. Make an appointment and come here to Washington, D.C. to lobby, to make your case for Israel! Be an advocate for Israel and the Jewish people!

It is more needful than ever before. In this you are like Oskar Schindler, in the movie Schindler’s List. Although not Jewish, he stood up for the Jewish people and rescued, literally bought, all that he could to keep them from perishing in Hitler’s death camps of the Holocaust. We also must be like Peter Bergson, who came to America and pleaded with President Roosevelt, his Cabinet and the Congress to see what was happening in the Holocaust in Europe; to see what America could do to prevent the worst ravishes of the slaughter that eventually consumed six million Jews. You even may be called to act like Simon Wiesenthal, whose life work included the indictement and arrest for war criminals who had helped kill six million Jews in the Holocaust.

Once again today Israel faces a holocaust, a threat to her existence, which is more clearly stated by such leaders of Iran as President Ahmadinejad, even then what Hitler threatened in the 1930’s and accomplished in the 1940’s. Iran’s leaders are developing nuclear warheads and missiles to deliver them to carry out their genocidal threats to eliminate Israel.

In light of these compelling facts we not only can but must go to Capitol Hill and lobby, the Congress, White House and the State Department. In the meantime you can take action, right this moment, go to, click legislative alerts and send your email letters to your Senators and Representatives to urge Action!

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