Didn’t we as Christians replace the Jews as the Israel of God?


No, this is a familiar, but fallacious heresy that would put the Church in the place of Israel in what has been called Replacement Theology. If we look at the promises in the Old Testament, the Jewish scriptures, that relate to Israel and attempt to place the Christian Church as a substitute for Israel in all of these scriptures it becomes clear that we get a wrong and often ridiculous result. For example, Jerusalem was to be the eternal capital of Israel, the City of David, and the city of the great king. This is a unique promise to Israel and the Jewish people. The Church has no earthly kingdom and even the Roman Catholic Church did not pick Jerusalem, but instead Rome as its sovereign capital. This is only one example of the many that could be cited that show the need to keep in clear distinction three entities: Israel, the nations and the Church. If we do so we will get a clear understanding of the Scriptures, Old Testament and New. If we mix any of those we will get a misguided, often ridiculous answer.

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