Didn’t we stop funding the rebuilding of Gaza? What is happening there?


Some time after the takeover of Gaza by the Hamas terrorists in 2007 we stopped funding the rebuilding of Gaza. Now, however, the United States is fostering the inflow of goods, material and funds to Gaza under the auspices of the Palestinian Authority, another name for the PLO, to build up its “goodwill”, vis a vis Hamas, which we have designated as a terrorist organization. This is not going to succeed. It won’t work for America to prop up the Palestinian Authority because then Hamas and other radical Islamists in Gaza and the other areas say that the PA is just a front for America and Israel. It really is counterproductive. Gaza, it also should be noted, is not among the poorest areas in the world as we often hear or read in the media. There are a lot of developments, new buildings and even modern shopping malls. There is no pervasive hunger, in fact there is no famine, no systemic disease and no homelessness, no one who is not clothed, or who doesn’t have a means of transportation. There is free public education right through college and university and free public health care. I think that the public perception, in most of the world, fostered by Arab and Moslem propaganda and the left-wing press, is an unfair exaggeration of the problems of poverty and crowding in Gaza.

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