How can I mobilize my district to let CIPAC’s voice be heard?


It’s very simple and you are more than able to do it. You can invite your neighbors in for coffee just as you would do with any issue about which you are concerned, whether it is some development or nuisance in your neighborhood or something related to your school district for your children or something that otherwise concerns you as a citizen. Our National Outreach Coordinator, Rev. Lisa Ives, or another one of our leaders can provide you with a simple, easily understood kit of materials that help you to organize, and mobilize your district to have a chapter. So if there is not a CIPAC chapter in your district today, perhaps the Lord is calling you to form that chapter simply by calling a few of your neighbors and friends together for coffee. Then in the natural way such things go, you can help the chapter grow, develop and become a viable entity that your United States representative and your two senators must listen to.

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