How can the U.S. tell Israelis not to defend themselves against Iran or its Hezbollah, Hamas and their agents? Don’t they have their own nation?


This is a dilemma that Israel faces. Although Israel is a sovereign, independent nation, some in the United States feel they have a right to tell Israel what to do and when to do it, subsequent to the foreign aid we provide Israel.

For example, the President tacitly warns Israel not to defend itself against Iran’s genocidal leaders. I believe it will increasingly take Israel’s assertiveness in standing up to America and saying, we are a sovereign independent nation and we must do what is necessary to defend ourselves if America, NATO, and the free nations of the world do not, for example, disarm Iran’s genocidal leaders.

We strongly support the right of Israel to defend herself, for example, in supporting New York Rep. Steve King’s H. Res. 500, asserting this vital right of every sovereign nation for Israel.

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