I am not knowledgeable about Israel, so how can I get the information myself?


That is an honest admission that many American Christians and others would make. This is where I personally was when I went to Israel more than thirty years ago, to serve as a consultant, helping Israel with environmental laws and policies. Nonetheless today it is easier than ever to learn about Israel, become knowledgeable, to make decisions and to take action which can help Israel in real and practical ways. First and foremost you can go to our web sites: www.cipaconline.org and www.mercl.org. There and at related sites to which we are linked, you literally can get an almost overwhelming abundance of data, knowledge and understanding about Israel, the Middle East and how America and other nations relate to Israel.

The important thing, however, is not just to become educated in an academic or intellectual sense, but to derive information which supports and undergirds, what I’m sure is your basic heart-felt belief: that God gave the land of Israel to the Jewish people through eternal promises to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, Joseph and Moses. You can therefore with confidence and assurance, answer the questions that arise from detractors, enemies and opponents of Israel and the Jewish people, including the continuing plague of anti-Semitism, which never seems to abate. You also can rest assured when you go to our Legislative Action Center at www.cipaconline.org, take your actions to urge your representative and senators to take actions on pending legislation, you will fully bless Israel and comfort her people.

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