I’ve heard the Islamic Lobby is the largest lobby registered in the U.S. How did this happen? And how is it affecting the U.S.?


The so called Islamic Lobby, which really is a mixed conglomerate of a number of organizations that basically advance the cause of the Arab and Moslem nations and people, is in fact very large and very powerful. It is funded by Middle Eastern oil, basically the funds we provide when we use energy in the United States that is produced in the Middle East by nations that still oppose Israel and are at war with Israel to this day. In addition, such U.S. corporate interests, as energy companies, or manufacturers of arms and purveyors of other equipment and services, want favor in the Arab and Moslem world to sell their products. Therefore they lobby for the enemies of Israel and against Israel. Also, some mistakenly believe that if United States stops what they see as excessive support for Israel the Arab and Moslem nations will do more to stop the terrorist forces that have come against America, for example, in the 9/11 attacks, the destroyer Cole bombing and the Embassy bombings in Africa. This is a vain hope. We have seen respect for America among the Arab and Moslem people not increase, but decrease as we continue to seek to curry favor with them under the current U.S. Administration and water down our support of Israel. What is respected in the Middle East is strength and support of friends, not weakness or feigned respect or affection.

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