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    Can the Israel Longhorn Project help prevent Forest Fires in Israel?
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    (Forest Fires in Israel Will Only Get Worse in Coming Years, Experts Warn, ‘Winter is beginning later, and the months of November and December have become very dry, with strong winds,’ Hanoch Tzoref of JNF says. Nir Hasson Nov 30, 2016 Haaretz Newsread.)

    Donation of a $120 from 5,000 or $10,000 from 60 of you will solve this problem.

    There will be more forest fires in Israel. We are planting forests in the Galilee where much of Israel’s arid soils that are dry packed and cannot absorb water. They are overgrown with non-native desert shrubs that burn at a higher temperature igniting trees and causing forest fires. Planting in arid soils without improving it is a waste of water and trees.

    Using Holistic grazing with Texas Longhorn cattle. We can increase soil bacteria, soil fungi, and improve soil anatomy and physiology. This brings life back to soils causing increased grass growth and destroys shrub growth. It also increases water and carbon adsorption and decreases floods and forest fires.

    Texas Longhorn Cattle are desert cattle that can eat cactus with all the thorns. They also eat the shrubs that cause the fires.

    The Israel Longhorn Project will not be a private ranch. It will be very different. We will establish partnerships and work with Israel’s Department of Agriculture, the Agriculture Extension Department, Hebrew University, other Israeli Universities, Israeli Agriculture High Schools and Jewish Nation Fund. It will be an international community ranch that does educational, research and Agriculture Development work. Helping all Israeli ranches then East Africa, Egypt and Jordan. Building peace and understanding between peoples and nations from the bottom up. It is the only to build peace. http://longhornproject.org

    Contact Robin 650-631-9270 or Click here to join in this urgent mission: http://longhornproject.org

    Robin Rosenblatt, M.Sc. Animal Science, former Israeli Soldier and past Anti Terrorist Agent
    The Israel Longhorn Project
    Nonprofit 501© 3 #74-3177354
    7777 Bodega Ave., S-107
    Sebastopol, CA 95472
    Tele: 650.631.9270 / cell: 650.339.0269
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