What are CIPAC’s accomplishments in the last 20 years?


CIPAC has had a number of significant accomplishments over the last twenty years. Notably we have been in the forefront of advocating the full rights of Israel in American policy, for example, the placement of our United States Embassy in Jerusalem, where it belongs, the capital of Israel, not in Tel Aviv. We sponsored the development of the 1995 Jerusalem Act and are continuing action today to see that the intent of the law is accomplished, with no more six month extensions of the movement of the embassy.

We also were instrumental in the passage of the Syria Accountability Act in 2003 that has helped to bring Syria to account regarding its illegal influence upon Lebanon, which Syria virtually occupies through its military and security forces, its sponsorship of Hezbollah and other terrorist elements in the land, and its continuing threats to Israel.

CIPAC also resolutely opposed the elimination of the permanent ban on the PLO’s having a diplomatic presence in the United States and receiving U.S. aid and other help from the United States. This means that the President has to certify, every six months, that any actions of this type that favor the PLO are done for the U.S. national security interest. This is not a perfect result, but at least we have kept some of the bars on and are working to increase the pressure on the PLO, for they have shown no real peaceful intent to live with and stop attacking Israel.

CIPAC was in the forefront of development of the most notable piece of legislation to date regarding the genocidal intent of Iran’s leaders. H. Con. Res. 21 in the last Congress passed the House 411 – 2, stated explicitly that Iran’s President Ahmadinejad was threatening genocide against Israel and developing nuclear weapons to effectuate that, to eliminate Israel, Iran therefore was in violation of the Genocide Convention, and the Security Council should take the matter to the International Court of Justice or the International Criminal Court and prosecute him for it.

These are only a few of the achievements of CIPAC over the last twenty years. We also have opposed the continuation of the full measure of aid to Egypt and other nations that are not carrying out their obligations of peace respect the rights of their citizens, including Christians and Jews.

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