What does it take to get the attention of my Congressman or Senator?


Your representative or senator will take notice of what you say if you send your email or fax or make your telephone call and get two or three, hopefully even ten others from your congressional district to do so. They have to take this into account and they have to give you an answer, whether it is totally satisfactory or not, in writing or orally over the phone, through the urging, the petition that you bring to their attention. This is extremely important. Experts in lobbying, advocacy, public efforts to affect our government and our nation’s policies say that if an organization, has even a handful, three, five, ten souls in each of the 435 congressional districts, they have immense opportunity, almost a surety, that they can change the nation’s policies in specific ways and thereby benefit the nation or in this case, the United States and Israel and the Jewish people. So it is extremely important that you make your telephone calls, and send your emails from our website, www.cipaconline.org which lends weight to all the emails coming from CIPAC to your representatives and senators. Also get your friends and neighbors to do so.

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