Why doesn’t the U.N. take care of Israel?


Sadly the United Nations is dominated numerically in the General Assembly by the less developed and Third World nations that are in the majority. These nations are beholden to the Arab and Moslem forces that have most of the oil and much of the money in the world. In the Security Council, China and even Russia aren’t inherently democratic, liberty-sponsoring nations. France and Britain have their own concerns as past colonial powers that today see themselves as globalists. The U.S. State Department, sadly, often seems to be more concerned about what other nations think than about what American citizens and voters believe. The United Nations has always been more favorable to the Arab and Moslem cause, for these and other reasons, than it has been to the survival and well-being of Israel. This is particularly ironic because the United Nations came into existence in great part to prevent the recurrence of the Holocaust, which was extremely fresh and current in the mind of everyone at the time in 1947 and 1948. Nonetheless, the U.N. seems to be standing by today while another holocaust is threatened by Iran, more explicitly and with the development of weapons that are more likely to be able to fully eliminate Jewish Israel than Hitler’s weapons.

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