Is CIPAC’s cause more important than our economy? Why?


This is not an either/or question. CIPAC’s cause in fact benefits the American economy, as well as serving other issues with which we are concerned. When we bless Israel, that is fully support and advance Israel’s cause, a big part of that blessing relates to the health of the American economy. In fact, even on a natural or physical basis we can see from a number of materials that have been written or presented in the media that Israel is of great advantage to the American economy. To illustrate; one recent book, Start Up Nation by Dan Senor and Saul Singer, makes clear that Israel’s economy, despite the small size of the nation, roughly like that of the state of New Jersey, and the small population, only slightly more than six million Jews, plus one million Arab and other Israeli citizens, is disproportionately significant in the world economy. For example, Israeli firms are second in number only to those of America in stock listing on the NASDAQ Exchange, which covers the high-tech firms. Israel has been immensely important to the development of the cell phone, the personal computer, high-tech agriculture, water conservation and use, medical advances and in many other realms. Israelis, like the Jewish people more generally, have won vastly disproportionate percentages of Nobel Prizes for economics and the sciences. Thus our support for the survival, success and security of Israel helps sustain the homeland of the Jewish people, which is extremely vital to the American economy, probably in more ways than even we can fully see today

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