Judeo/Christian values seem to be ebbing away in our nation. Where do I begin to make a difference?


Begin by joining your voice with CIPAC’s by becoming a member of the lobby with a donation of $10. Then exercise your democratic right to petition your senators and representatives on the issues CIPAC is addressing. Send your emails through CIPAC’s website; www.cipaconline.org. Call your representatives and senators, tell them you are a member of CIPAC and let them know what we are asking for. Next become a part of a local CIPAC Chapter in your district or start a Chapter yourself in your state. Contact CIPAC we will help you mobilize your area. CIPAC will train you, and stand by your side as you exercise your official voice in our nation. Finally, continue to allow yourself to be educated and informed on the issues so that you can exercise your constitutional right to petition your government in an intelligent manner.

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