Why don’t we hear about CIPAC and supporting Israel in all our U.S. churches?


Many issues compete for the attention of congregants in American churches. We hear a great deal about abortion and the right to life, prayer in schools and other aspects of public life, righteousness in government, and the need for government not to supplant private charity including religious charities. Christians like other Americans tend to be interested in the bread and butter issues that affect them every day. You only need to listen to the news to see that is what most of the public media cover. However we are bringing the message of CIPAC to every state in the Union, a progress march across the country that began in Alaska; so that we are going to cover every one of the fifty states and before long every one of the 435 congressional districts. We also are using both traditional media, and the new social media to bring the message of Israel and CIPAC’s unique work for Israel to all Americans. Our outreach to churches and synagogues called Congregations for Zion is being expanded and upgraded to reach more congregations. We plan, very soon, to upgrade that activity by recognizing and honoring more and more of our American churches as Congregations for Zion. In each case CIPAC asks the congregation leaders to take our periodic messages of support for Israel to their congregants, and also help CIPAC chapters in each locality to announce the meetings and to call for the participation of all friends and supporters of Israel.

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