Why stop funding the Palestinians?


Palestinian Arabs have received more funding by a factor of more than six times as much as the Europeans received per capita in the Marshall Plan and yet there is little or no evidence of economic development in the Palestinian Arab region. Despite this there is virtually no hunger, no homelessness, and no lack of free public education, and free medical care for the Palestinian Arab population. Sadly we cannot say that about many areas of America. And yet constantly the cry goes out that we must give more aid to the Palestinian Arabs. Something is wrong here.

First, there is still a great deal of fraud, waste, abuse and corruption in the Palestinian Authority; which is basically run by the Fatah Party of the PLO. Not to mention the corruption and waste and brutality of Hamas that rules the Palestinian Arab population of Gaza. We are putting money into a bag with a hole in it, like putting coins into a sock with a hole in it, so that it runs out and little or no economic development takes place.

Frankly, this U.S. foreign aid is an ill-disguised bribe to keep the Palestinian Arab leaders at the bargaining table in the hope of creating some kind of agreement or accommodation with Israel. The worst aspects of this are the U.S. aid that goes to fund the Palestinian security forces sadly are arming and training tomorrow’s terrorists, and the money that goes to the UNRWA refugee camps, where we are funding schools in which children are taught to hate, terrorize and wage war against Israel, the Jewish people, America and the West. This must stop! And I believe that as the American public comes to understand what’s happening, it will stop.

Today when we are so concerned about waste, fraud, abuse, overspending and the great increase in the United States debt from domestic programs, how much more should we be opposed to throwing money down rat holes overseas? Instead of such spending, foreign aid should go to help the poor or those afflicted by natural disasters, situations in which Americans are generous and wish to help. Instead it is just going to bribe the corrupt PLO leadership to keep them talking instead of shooting. This must stop!

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